General Questions

What is the content of the material used in Nanolux products?

Aerogel material; produced by nano-technology, is a silica based heat insulation material within 99% air bubbles. The main property of aerogel in daylighting applications is transmitting the visual spectrum of daylight while filtering the UV rays and heat. It also provides homogeneous light distribution thanks to its particle structure.

What is the thermal insulation rate of Nanolux products?

The heat insulation rate (U value) of Nanolux; varies between 1.30 W/m2K and 0.48 W/m2K according to the thickness of the material. By comparison; a single layer of glass with a thickness of 4mm; has an insulation value of 5.8 W/m2K. The heat insulation property increases, when the U value decreases.



What is the difference between Nanolux Sky and a common skylight?

The main difference between Nanolux Sky is the aerogel material inside. The biggest issue of wide spans is the heat problem. Thanks to the Aerogel material inside; while having 80% of light transmission; Nanolux Sky has a high insulation of heat and UV rays. Different from the common skylights, Skylight provides a general lighting instead of regional lighting and prevent glare.

Has Nanolux Sky ventilation property?

Nanolux Vent is the ventilated version of Nanolux Sky which has the opening mechanism. It can be opened manually or by the remote control option.

What are the optional accessories of Nanolux Vent?

Nanolux Vent has optional swatter, remote control and rain and wind sensor accessories. Rain and wind sensor closes the system automatically when the rain starts or strong wind occurs. And special swatter detail prevents impurities getting inside.

Does Nanolux Sky/Vent damage the roof structure?

NanoLux Sky/Vnet is produced project based, in different dimensions . The dimensions are determined based on the distance between the purlins. The products are mounted on the purlins so that it can be carried without damaging the roof structure and statics.

Does Nanolux Sky/Vent have dimmer option?

A blind detail is used as a dimmer in Nanolux Sky/Vent systems . The blind is controlled by a remote control in Nanolux Sky system, and can be opened both by remote control and the opening mechanism itself in Nanolux Vent system.



Can Nanolux Louvre be produced in different dimensions?

Nanolux Louvre is produced project based. Both the system and the openable panels can be produced in required dimensions.

How is the opening principle of NanoluX Louvre and its control?

Nanolux Louvre System is made of policarbonate panels which are openable to 90degrees with a special mechanism and provide air circulation and natural ventilation. The mechanism consists of a piston and remote controlled.

How many NanoLUX Louvres should be used in a project?

The number of NanoLUX Louvre differ according to the project but it is offered to use minimum two Nanolux Louvre in a project as they can be mounted on opposite facades and create a draught effect. When supported by a skylight; it also creates clear air circulation.

How is the heat and moisture insulation of Nanolux Louvre provided?

Thanks to the aerogel material inside the panels; Nanolux Louvre offers an heat insulated wall application. It also has special wick details that is airtight and provides rain and moisture insulation when the panels are closed.



What is the response of Nanolux Smoke to fire?

Nanolux Smoke has an opening mechanism with smoke sensor like other smoke evacuation systems. During the fire; when the smoke pressure increases, the system opens automatically and provide smoke exhausting. Also the aerogel is a nonflammable material and doesn't form smoke.

What is the difference between Nanolux Smoke and other smoke evacuation systems?

Nanolux Smoke provide natural lighting with heat insulation in addition to its smoke evacuation property.