Daylight increases the productivity of a working person 6-16%. This causes an increase in the work quality and it decreases the absence ratio in the workplace.

Increasing Students' Performances

It has been observed that daylight provides a great increase in the students' performances. According the survey on 21.000 students at 3 different states in the USA; it has been detected that the students' success increased 20% for Math tests and 26% for reading tests.

Employee's Health and Opportunities It Offers

Employees working by the windows and thus using the sunlight during the day have 20% less illness. This fact results in medical savings as it will prevent unnecessary and expensive medical costs.

Reducing the Negative Environmental Effects of the Buildings

There is no heating problem in the spaces illuminated by the daylight lighting. Besides, during the use of artificial lighting systems, energy used in thermal plants and the carbon dioxide production it causes are reduced. This decreases environment pollution.

Energy Saving

More than 40% of the annual energy consumption in Turkey is used for lighting. Natural lighting significantly reduces this amount. It provides 97% energy saving for lighting workplaces such as office, warehouse, etc. Moreover, that the use of energy is most needed when the most efficient hours for daylight is between 11.00 and 16.00 contributes an increasing efficiency in natural lighting and reduces the artificial lighting need to the minimum.