We, as being Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems, entered the natural lighting industry in 2007. In these days, with the growing importance of energy sources, we began to implement new and advanced systems in order to bring natural light in any environment and to change the way people use natural lighting. Our applications and the products we use, have pioneered the creation of a new sector in Turkey.

Since 2007, we have been the general distributor in Turkey for the revolutionary ‘Solatube' brand of Solatube International which is a company with 20 years of experience. Besides, we are also the general distributor in Turkey for the “Lumira” product of Cabot Corporation which is the sole manifacturer at the natural lighting sector in the world for the aerogel material we use in our own product "nanoLUX".

In addition to this, we continue working in order to develop new Natural Lighting Systems and w ego on adding new products fort he natural lighting sector through the three functional models we designed in 2012 and presented via our "Skybox" brand.

As Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems, we are proud of sharing our natural, healthy, economic and eco-friendly products and applications presented by a sustainable energy design and architecture, with you.

Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems
HÜLYA OKUTAN - General Manager

Hülya Okutan; one of the co-founder of Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems, graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture. She took her Master's Degree from the same university on the subject, Advanced Daylighting Systems. Hülya Okutan, has been the General Manager of the company, since 2007.

CEREN OKUTAN - Founding Director

Ceren Okutan; one of the co-founder of Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems, graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering. He postgratuated from the MBA program of Birmingham University.

MERVE KILINÇ - Institutional Communications Officer

Merve Kılınç was graduated from Istanbul Aydın University, Graphic Design. She is working as a corporate communications specialist within Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems and responsible with advertisement, graphic and social media management.

DENİZ DEMİRTAŞ SATIR- Accounting Specialist

After graduating from Anadolu University, Management department on 2005. Deniz Demirtaş has been working in the field of public accounting. As of the year 2013, she is working as an account specialist within Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems.

BAYRAM ELZURNA - Production Supervisor

Bayram Elzurna; whose profession is welding, has been working as the production chief on manufacture of Günışığı's own products.