The Solatube Brighten Up Series is a line of tubular daylighting devices that features Raybender Technology, a patented optical innovation built into our rooftop domes. With it, our systems effectively capture the sun's rays at the roof level, then transfer them indoors through our highly reflective Spectralight Infinity Tubing. They can be used individually to illuminate small areas or in multiple configurations to attain predictable lighting results for larger spaces. It has a great potential for commercial applications like corridors, storage rooms and small offices. It can also be used to create specific architectural effects like wall washes and soffit lighting.The Brighten Up Series is a brilliant solution for medium spaces with ceiling heights up to 10 ft. 



Raybender® 3000


A patented daylight-capturing dome lens that:

  • Redirects low-angle sunlight for maximum light capture
  • Rejects overpowering summer midday sunlight
  • Provides consistent daylighting throughout the day



An innovative in-dome reflector that:

  • Redirects low-angle winter sun light for maximum light capture
  • Increases light input for greater light output
  • Delivers unsurpassed year-round performance



Infinity Tubing

Tubing made of the world's most reflective material that:

  • Delivers 99.7% * specular reflectivity for maximum sunlight transfer
  • Provides the purest color rendition possible so colors are truer, brighte
  • Allows for run lengths over 30 feet to deliver sunlight to lower floors


Engineered light diffusion

Optical lenses and lighting control options combine to:

  • Create a location-specific, controlled visual effect
  • Provide visual comfort
  • Deliver superior diffusion and light control


160 DS / 160 DSe

The Solatube 160 DS is ideal for small spaces like offices, corridors and restrooms. It can be utilized with hard, suspended or open ceilings. Use multiples for larger rooms.

  • Tube size ≈ 10 in. (250 mm)
  • Potential tube length ≈ 20 ft. (6 m)


  • Corridors
  • WC
  • Bath
  • Dressing rooms

290 DS / 290 DSe

The Solatube 290 DSe has earned an Energy Star rating for its ability to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates and heat gain in extremely warm ones. It offers the highest level of energy efficiency.

  • Tube size ≈ 14 in. (350 mm)
  • Potential tube length ≈ 30 ft. (9 m)


  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Salon
  • Bedrooms


Ventilation Add-on Kit

A Ventilation Add-On Kit combines daylighting and ventilation into one attractive fixture, leaving these spaces humidity-free. The streamlined design also leaves the ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered. Ducting and roof vent cap sold separately.

Light Add-On Kit

The optional Light Add-On Kit easily attaches to the inside of the system's tubing to provide incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting for nighttime use. The Solatube Daylighting System can even be placed where an existing fixture is to avoid unnecessary ceiling clutter. The Light Add-On Kit is a smart solution for any space that gets used after dark.

Daylight Dimmer

At times, it may be necessary to reduce the amount of bright daylight in a building—during a presentation, for instance. The optional Daylight Dimmer uses a patented butterfly baffle and a convenient wall-mounted switch to allow for simple and easy adjustments to room daylight illumination levels.

Spectralight® Infinity 0-90 Degree Extension Tube

Provides superior performance that flexible tubes can't match. An innovative design with three built-in 30 degree angle adapters gives you the flexibility to install around obstacles. Available in 23 in. (580 mm) length.

  • 160 DS/DSe
  • 290 DS/DSe



Simply stunning, JustFrost showcases sunlight in a clean, contemporary design.

  • 160 DS
  • 290 DS


QuadraFrost delivers stunning daylight with symmetry and style.

  • 290 DS


The low-profile TierDrop features a beautiful, cascading design for a classic look.

  • 160 DS
  • 290 DS


Command attention with the smooth, cascading lines and subtle beauty of AuroraGlo. Available in ​white and bronze.

  • 290 DS


The unique, dazzling lens of OptiView delivers artful views of the sky in a low-profile design.

  • 160 DS
  • 290 DS


The chic VividShade accents daylight with contemporary fabric.

  • 290 DS

Classic Vusion™ Diffuser

Featuring a classically simple design, the Vusion Diffuser delivers radiant light that complements any room.

  • 160 DS
  • 290 DS



Provides brilliant white, natural daylight.


Enhances natural light by “warming” it, creating a color similar to that emitted by incandescent bulbs.*


Softens the intensity of natural light for a glowing effect.


Alters the color of natural light to mimic the “warm” hue given off by incandescent bulbs while softening the intensity.