Materials with high reflection parameters have encouraged renovations in natural lighting. Transmitting and transferring the light has become possible. SkyBox series is proud of offering these innovative products to you. These products are the developed and reinterpreted version of previous systems. SkyBox G is the advanced model of known concrete areaways that is used for daylighting underground spaces.


Ventilation and Insulation

The common areaways, are the concrete air flues constructed right next to the building in order to bring light to your basement. These areaways are not always efficient for rain, snow and humidity insulation and ventilation. The insulation details of an areaway require special solutions.

Skybox G model has an outer frame made of stainless metal, that is located on the floor surface. The outer frame includes ventilation openings and notches that provides removing the rain and snow water out, and ease of cleaning. The ventilation openings supplies clean air to the place. A special dropper detail exists in order to isolate the rain and snow water.

Reflectance and Light Transmission

A standard areaway; receives the daylight like a concrete tunnel; that doesn't have a perfect performance transmitting the light. Some amount of sunlight hit to the concrete surface is lost. Although it provides visual comfort; it doesn't bring any sightview. This issue creates a perception of; an enclosed and suffocating area for the people who spend time there.

The inner surface of the SkyBox G model's metal skeleton is covered with a reflecting material. The sunlight is reflected inside the building throughout the areaway. While providing the maximum efficiency, the reflective system also provides sight and skyview, and reduces the suffocating effect of a closed space.

Product Options

SkyBox G Model

The benefits of SkyBox G model are below;

  • Provides 20 times more light entering the basement than a typical concrete areaway.
  • It provides special solutions for the insulation and ventilation problems.
  • Brings view to your basement floor and increases the value of your house.
  • Less contamination and infestation occurs in the lightshaft.
  • Recovers the sense of psychological constriction caused by living in the basement.
  • It is cheap and efficient.

Skybox G model, can be produced in desired sizes and it gives architectural freedom.

Skybox Openable (Air-conditioned) G Model

SkyBox G model has an alternative option of openable outer frame which is recommended for areas that need intense ventilation.