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20 years of experience in tubular lighting technology

Imagine you bring natural light to the places that daylighting will never be possible. With Solatube tubular lighting systems advanced capture, transmission and distribution technologies; you can carry daylight, to whereever needed.

Nanotechnological roof and facade solutions in Natural Lighting

Daylighting wide spaces requires wide openings, which makes the heating effect of the sun an issue. NanoLUX solves this issue. Thanks to the 99% air bubble type silica based dust inside; heat insulation is at the highest level, while transfering the light to interiors. NanoLUX provides homogeneous lighting and visual comfort.

Innovative products for natural lighting with reflective materials

Materials with a high reflection parameters has encouraged renovations in natural lighting; transmitting and transferring the light has become possible. Skybox Series products; previous systems are developed and re-interpreted with the principle of reflecting.

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