Materials with high reflection parameters have encouraged renovations in natural lighting. Transmitting and transferring the light has become possible. SkyBox series is proud of offering these innovative products to you. These products are the developed and reinterpreted version of previous systems. SkyBox O is the modernized model of traditional mosque windows of Turkish architecture, while the insulation problem is solved.



In SkyBox O model holes opened on two metal frames, are covered with high reflective material and convey daylight to interiors by reflecting.

The known traditional mosque windows are generally made of plasters , it's surfaces extinguish high amount of the daylight while transferring. High reflective materials provide light transmission with less loss and increase the efficiency of daylighting. Besides, the brightness and the perspective effect created by the inner surface of metals, provide a wealth of space.


The main problem of traditional mosque windows is the insulation. Because the heat insulation value of these windows are low, they can't maintain the heat control.

An insulation material of 10-20cm is used inside of the SkyBox O model. On the outer surface, transparent acrylic or glass panel is used in order to provide control over rain and snow water, and reduce the heat effect of the sun. By this issue; SkyBox O is suitable for climate control both in summer and winter.

Light Diffusion

Traditional mosque windows; transfer daylight to interiors in a linear way and can't diffuse daylight properly. Only specific areas can be lightened. A disturbing heat and light intensity occurs in the places that the daylight hit directly.

Special diffusers with the effect of light scattering; are used in the interior facade of SkyBox O model. Diffusers spread the daylight, that hit to the reflective material, homogeneously to the interiors. Also a decorative view can be presented, using colorful diffusers.


SkyBox features that the model is as follows;

  • Transfer daylight to the interiors efficiently.
  • Reduce the heat effect of the sun.
  • Due to the fact that being heat insulated, it allows climate control.
  • It is cheap and efficient.
  • Provide a visual aesthetic when applied instead of glass or brick wall.
  • Potential of creating different forms gives you freedom in terms of architecture.

In addition to being in the form of traditional mosque windows, rectangular or desired different forms can be generated. Places of the round forms used in the system can be arranged and allow new forms