Day by day energy consumption per individual reach the highest levels. For this reason; preservation of existing sources and energy saving become an important issue. In order to save energy; protecting and making use of the existing sources is significant as much as generating energy from them.

Between the benefits of nuclear, termic and hydroelectic power plants; build to produce energy, the negative effects such as radiation risk, CO2 emissions and excavation wastes should not be ignored. However; if the natural energy sources like; sun, wind and wave energy are used directly without being processed, energy consumption will be possible and negative environmental effects will not occur.

Projects with natural lighting; decreases the use of artificial lighting and related energy use, which will prevent unnecessary carbon emissions.

We have started the ‘Günışığı Forest’ project in order to visualize the amount of blocked carbon emissions and explain the benefits of daylight. In Günışığı Forest Project; every tree in the forest is equal to 620kg of CO2. For every project; according to the amount of blocked CO2 emission, the number of trees will be determined and a sertificate will be given to the company.

Günışığı projects doesn’t aim to decrease energy costs and depreciation only, but also is an indication of our respect to nature.