Materials with high reflection parameters have encouraged renovations in natural lighting. Transmitting and transferring the light has become possible. SkyBox series is proud of offering these innovative products to you. These products are the developed and reinterpreted version of previous systems. SkyBox S series is the advanced model of light shelves which is a known architectural element enabling the sunlight transmission towards the depths of the building.



Skybox Shelf; is installed in front of the windows, above the eye level and separate the window into two parts. The part below the shelf provides the sightsee while the part above enables daylighting. The upper surface of the SkyBox shelf is covered with a highly reflective material that reflects the incoming daylight onto the ceiling. Especilly sunlight coming from the south direction, is reflected over the shiny plate towards the ceiling, then the depths of the room. Thus, the areas located far from the windows, can be enlightened.

Light Distribution

Light shelves used common, often have a flat surface that can only enlighten a certain part of the space and doesn't transmit light sufficiently to the depths of the building. Skybox S model has a curved surface. Thanks to the curved structure of the light shelf, sun light from all angles is transferred to the deeper parts of the building. It enlightens the spaces that remained dark and provides a homogeneous light by decreasing the high light level in front of the windows. In this manner, the overpowered sunlight that bothers and causes glare; can be used in an efficient manner, enlightening the interiors.


SkyBox S Model

The benefits of SkyBox S model are below;

  • Thanks to its thickness reduced to minimum, SkyBox Shelf provides an aesthetic appearance.
  • The curved, bright upper surface provides the light to be reflected better and farther.
  • Creates shade spaces in front of the window shade.
  • Illuminates all the dark remaining areas and provides homogeneous lighting.
  • It is capable of lifting and removing, so that it can be used whenever needed.